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Friends of York River State Park

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Welcome to the Friends of York River State Park website.

Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to operate on a non-profit basis while providing volunteer assistance to Virginia's Department of Conservation and Recreation for the continued preservation and conservation of York River State Park . This is accomplished by supplying funds, materials and/or labor for park projects, as well as providing education to the community about their park.

17 September: Next Meeting of Friends of York River State Park
20 September: International Coastal Cleanup Day
27 September: National Estuaries Day
27 September: National Public Lands Day

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Becoming a Member

All persons are eligible for membership regardless of race, religion, creed, national origin, sex or age. Membership is open to all individuals, family and groups who pay annual dues and pledge to uphold the mission of the Friends of York River State Park. Membership can be either "sponsor" (dues only) or, "active" (dues plus volunteer hours gained through attending meetings, participating in events and projects, etc.).


Mailing Address:
York River State Park
5526 Riverview Road
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188-6732
Phone: (757) 566-3036